Friday, June 8, 2012


What do you expect when you open a package from a handmade shop?

Or perhaps some of you have handmade shops. How do you ship your goods? What do you include?

For me, shopping and selling on Etsy is personal. When I buy something, I imagine what it must be like behind the scenes. I imagine the studio... I wonder how they make what they make. I want to see the process. I am curious about the person who made it. How did they become an artist?

When I sell and ship an item... I want the person who bought it to feel special. When I package up a sale I consider what the buyer will think when they open it. I want them to feel as excited to get their item as I am to send it.

Recently a customer shared a picture with me of her package just opened, which I loved. (I also love getting pictures of cozies in use. It's so nice too see what happens after I drop them off at the PO.)

And now I really really want to hear from you...

If you have a shop, what does your package look like? And when you buy a handmade item what do you expect when you open the package?


  1. Your mug cozies are just divine! I think I want one... or ALL of them! When I open a handmade package I expect first of all, cute wrapping. Maybe some pretty tissue paper tied together with twine or maybe stuck together with the shop's logo on a sticker. It shows thought and not only do you open the box or package it came in, but you get to open it AGAIN when you get it out of said box or package. Double the fun! I also expect a few extra business cards so I can hand them out to friends if they ask about products that I have. I have a little zipper pouch I keep in my purse full of business cards JUST for this purpose! Other than that, just a quality handmade product that's in good condition and ready to show off to all my friends :)

    I hope you have a fabulous day, dear!

  2. Jen, you do an excellent job with the shipping and wrapping of your cozies! I love the handwritten cards that you include and having extra business cards to share is always a plus. I also love the tissue paper & twine wrapping on each individual cozy - it's special for me AND helps when I give them as gifts! :) Keep up the great work! Xox

  3. one of the reasons I love buying handmade is u never know how the package will look! sometimes it's even pink!
    for my shop, I use brown paper and wrap it with yarn :D
    here's a pic of it on another blog:
    and I add a hand written message :D
    I love the idea of putting the story of a product I once got that with a painting I ordered off Etsy..considering doing it now :D

  4. I was very touched that you took the time to wrap the cozies and add a personal note. I have ordered other stuff on Etsy and never had a package arrive so beautiful from the outside of the envelope to the contents.