Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are you missing me?

I am missing you!

The Cozy Project Etsy shop has been quite busy...  I refuse to complain about late nights and long lines at the Post Office, cause really that was always the goal, right?

I feel very lucky to have been chosen to make so many people's handmade Christmas gifts. Sorry for the silence... I have just been playing with yarn quite a bit.

In the event you are still looking for a few last minute gifts.... You have until December 16 to get your orders placed in time for Christmas. And if you are in more of a hurry,  I have quite a few ready to ship items that would be headed to you in the mail via USPS within 24 hours... Check out my shop and search "READY TO SHIP"

Have a great holiday!!

Cozy Love...

Kate of Kate's Irrelevant ordered one of my favorite cozies and wrote a little bit about me on her blog. Go check it out here.

Lovely photo by Kate...

Thanks Kate for the lovely feature... and enjoy the cutest cozy!!