Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cozy love...

Check out some of these super cool blogs that have shared the cozy love!!  I am so very appreciative when people feature my cozies.

Jen over at Harper Street wrote a lovely post about some of the cozies here.

Sarah of Cerlandia talked about the Fall Swap package I sent her (including a cozy, and some of my favorite items that are also made in the Pacific Northwest.) Thanks to Carissa at Kissed a Frog for organizing! It was super fun and I have a post coming on my super package too! Sarah's post about her package is here.

Mayra of In Flight Ideas wrote a lovely post about candy corn. YUM. She included my candy corn cozy. Check out her post here.

Candy corn are so popular right now... Another post following that theme here thanks to Brideblu.

Liz over at  Blue Eyed Owl Boutique wrote a lovely Halloween themed post right here  featuring my vampire cozy.

Thanks everyone. I really appreciated being appreciated!! 


  1. As soon as I can get to Starbucks, I'll be taking a photo of my lovely cozy. ;)