Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feliz Cumpleanos a The Cozy Project!

After my whirlwind winter, I feel like I am just now catching up on life. Balancing a day job and a busy Etsy shop this winter was amazingly busy. I am grateful for all of it... And I think I can say I am finally caught up on sleep, and laundry, and life!

And just in time!

Friday is The Cozy Project's first Birthday! I am planning some fun.

I am notorious for having multiple birthday celebrations... but who doesn't need a beach weekend AND a happy hour one day at... AND the group celebration potluck at work.. Plus the family party. Anyway, I just tend to celebrate for weeks. And, why not?!

In that spirit... Starting Friday there will be a week of celebrating! Including some contests, coupon codes and giveaways. So STAY TUNED and let's party!

Cupcake Cozy 

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