Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday gift giving...

I know it is early, but for us crafty handmade peeps... Christmas entails more than a last minute run to the mall. I have been brainstorming ideas for handmade gifts since August. After too many Christmas's working in a large toy store... I made a promise to myself not to ruin the holidays by spending all my time shopping in retail stores. I love making things and giving something I created with my own two hands only makes giving a gift that much more special.

So for the last ten years... most of my gifts have been handmade. Of course there has been a plethora of crocheted gifts. Last year I made hats and fingerless gloves... One year not so long ago everyone got afghans. YES I MADE 27 BLANKETS. It was just after a move, I was new in town and my only friends were Paula, Simon, Randy, and Ryan. Oh and also Justin and Kelly.

I am still trying to decide what I will make this year. None of my ideas have stuck yet...

What are your plans for gift giving? Do you have any particular traditions or habits?


  1. I mix extremely special retail gifts with hand-made gifts, usually. By extremely special, I mean something someone wouldn't normally buy themselves and something they don't have/something I know they will LOVE. My mother-in-law is an extreme Princess Aurora fan and she has always adored Christmas. Soooo... We decided to buy her a mint, in the box, Disney sold "Princess Aurora" ornament! She'll be so dang thrilled!

    As for crafty, we want to make her a gingerbread ornament as she collects all types of gingerbread-y stuff!!! Plus, I think it'll be easy enough while we're just learning crochet!

    For my father-in-law, he'll be getting the Pirates of the Caribbean special edition box set, as he really loves the movies and hasn't seen it. We're also thinking of getting him a brand new train set that will go around the Christmas tree every year. ^_^ No idea crafty wise yet, he really despises crafty things. (Which we all really hate... but meh, what can you do?)

    Jen will get a lot of stuff, both store bought and hand-made, 'cause we always spoil one another. :P

    I also want to try hand-made/crafty pet toys for the fur and feather babies!

    As for a tradition, Jen and I give one another a yearly ornament EVERY year. We've done this since 2004! If we can't find one we like in store, we make one! ^_^

  2. Oh my, long comment. Sorry! ;)

  3. I'm a paper crafter so I'll be making some cute grocery list notepads for everyone as a little Christmas "happy" to go with special purchased gifts.

  4. I love the notepad idea!! And I love presents that you wouldn't think to normally give yourselves. Giving gifts to grown ups is so hard... cause generally, once we all are adults we buy what we want or need... so its hard to pick some special.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys!