Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creating the blog.. an adventure in two dimensions.

I am so much more of a tactile person... I just spent over an hour trying to figure out how to make this thing look put together or maybe even pretty. I just wanted to reach my hands in and move things around. No such luck. I am restricted to access via keyboard.

I am Jen. Ringleader of The Cozy Project. I always find a creative outlet. I drew a lot in high school, made or tailored clothes after that... The first year I moved to Portland I didn't know anyone but my roommate at the time... so I watched a lot of  tele and made afghans to give my family and friends at Christmas. Glad I know people now, but it still makes me happy when I see those blankets in use and keeping people I love feeling cozy.

Speaking of cozy.. I made my first one last year for Boss's day. Everyone at worked loved them and wanted one of their own... and thus it became a project!  I love them too. Aside from the eco benefits of not using a cardboard sleeve, they are a bright shiny little thing to provide perk, while awaiting the caffeine to find its way into the bloodstream!

Cheers all! And happy sipping.

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